PyMe is a python interface to GPGME library.

PyMe's development model is GPGME + Python + SWIG (just like m2crypto is an OpenSSL + Python + SWIG) combination which means that most of the functions and types are converted from C into Python automatically by SWIG. In short, to be able to use PyMe you need to be familiar with GPGME.

The latest version of PyMe (as of this writing) is v0.8.0. Its binary distribution for Debian was compiled with SWIG v1.3.33 and GCC v4.2.3 for GPGME v1.1.6 and Python v2.3.5, v2.4.4, and v2.5.2 (provided in 'unstable' distribution at the time). Its binary distribution for Windows was compiled with SWIG v1.3.29 and MinGW v4.1 for GPGME v1.1.6 and Python v2.5.2 (although the same binary get installed and works fine in v2.4.2 as well).

Previous version of PyMe v0.5.1 which works with GPGME v0.3.15 can be found on John Goerzen's PyMe page:

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