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7.5.3 Manipulating Trust Items

— Function: void gpgme_trust_item_ref (gpgme_trust_item_t item)

The function gpgme_trust_item_ref acquires an additional reference for the trust item item.

— Function: void gpgme_trust_item_unref (gpgme_trust_item_t item)

The function gpgme_trust_item_unref releases a reference for the trust item item. If this was the last reference, the trust item will be destroyed and all resources associated to it will be released.

The following interface is deprecated and only provided for backward compatibility. Don't use it. It will be removed in a future version of GPGME.

— Function: void gpgme_trust_item_release (gpgme_trust_item_t item)

The function gpgme_trust_item_release is an alias for gpgme_trust_item_unref.